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The listing prospectus can be the same as the offer prospectus. A prospectus must contain all the information necessary for prospective investors to make an informed assessment of the issuer and securities offered, including sufficient information regarding the assets and liabilities, the financial situation, profits and losses and prospects of the issuer and, if applicable, the guarantors of the securities.

The information must be drafted in such a way that it is easy to analyse and understand.

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In circumstances in which the drafting of a prospectus and its approval by the CNMV is dictated by the Securities Market Act, the prospectus will obviously comply with the standards on content and format imposed by the Prospectus Directive and by Regulation EU No. If a prospectus is not legally required, the issuer will in any event ensure that the offering document meets the relevant market standards. In both cases and although there is no one-size-fits-all approach, the primary responsibility of drafting the offering document typically lies on the issuer and its counsel, with the involvement of the underwriters and their counsel where appropriate.

In this regard, it is worth noting that, under Spanish law and where the prospectus is legally required, the issuer and its directors, at least, will be liable for its content as more fully described in question Which key documents govern the terms and conditions of the debt securities? Who are the parties to such documents?

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How can such documents be accessed? The terms and conditions of the debt securities will initially be reflected in the corporate resolution of the issuer pursuant to which the debt securities are issued. Such terms and conditions will then be reflected in the public deed, if it must be granted see question 3 , and in the prospectus or, in the case of a private placement, in the offering memorandum.

The information contained in the public deed, once registered, will be publicly available through the Commercial Registry. When legally required, the prospectus, once approved by the CNMV, must be made available to the investors by the issuer and will be published in the official website of the CNMV www.

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Similarly, listing documents in respect of notes admitted to trading on MARF can be found in its website www. There are no legal rules that govern the dissemination of the offering document in a private placement but the market standard is clearly for the offering memorandum to be delivered to each prospective purchaser of the relevant debt securities.

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Does offering documentation require approval before publication? In what forms should it be available? From a regulatory perspective, if a prospectus is legally required, it will have to be approved by the CNMV before it is made available to the investors if it is an offering prospectus or before admission of the securities to listing if it is a listing prospectus as more fully described in question 8. Are public offerings of debt securities subject to review and authorisation? What is the time frame for approval?

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What are the restrictions imposed, if any, on the issuer and the underwriters during the review process? In case of a public offering of debt securities which requires the prior approval and registration of a prospectus, the CNMV will assess whether the prospectus is complete, may be understood and contains consistent information. The assessment of the CNMV does not imply, however, an evaluation of the creditworthiness of the issuer or as to the quality of the securities.

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Generally, and in accordance with the applicable regulations, the CNMV has a maximum period of 10 business days from the day the prospectus is submitted by the issuer to approve it. If the issuer does not have any other securities admitted to trading on a Spanish or EU regulated market and has not issued securities to the public before, such period will be extended to 20 business days. However, if the CNMV considers that the prospectus or the information provided is incomplete, it will so notify the issuer identifying the additional information that has to be provided.

In such case, the or day period will be suspended until the issuer files the requested information, which must be submitted within a maximum period of 10 business days. Given the amount and complexity of the information contained in a prospectus, the CNMV usually does require additional clarifications or changes to the document and, therefore, in practice, the process typically takes longer that the aforementioned or day period.

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Having said that, the CNMV announced on 1 December a number of measures designed to streamline its procedures for the registration of debt issuances targeting qualified investors only with an aim at matching the practices of regulators in the most popular EU markets for listing non-equity securities in an effort to make the domestic debt capital market more attractive to Spanish issuers. Among them, the CNMV has committed to reducing the timeline for providing comments to prospectuses to only three business days for the first turn and two business days for any subsequent turns; will not review the final terms of the offering prior to the placement if the issuance is conducted under a programme; following closing will approve the admission to listing of the securities in two business days; and will not request going forward statistical information from the issuer regarding the distribution of the securities.

Once the CNMV has approved the prospectus, it will have to be published and made available by the issuer to the public at its expense as soon as possible. When a prospectus is legally required for the offering of the securities, the issuer and underwriters may not solicit investors for the debt securities or, further, accept purchase orders from investors before the prospectus has been so approved and published.

It is possible, however, for the issuer and the underwriters to conduct advertising activities with respect to the debt securities in advance of registration of the prospectus provided that the information contained in any advertising materials is consistent with the information to be contained in the prospectus. On what grounds may the regulators refuse to approve a public offering of securities? In general, the Securities Market Act states that the issuance of securities is not subject to prior regulatory approval.

However, this is provided that the issuer is validly incorporated in accordance with the laws of its jurisdiction of incorporation and is operating in accordance with its constitutional documents and that the securities issued comply with the legal requirements applicable pursuant to their legal nature and, to the extent that the offering requires the registration and approval of a prospectus, that the offering is conducted in accordance with the rules contained in the prospectus suitability requirements.

In addition to the suitability requirements, the CNMV will also assess the information requirements applicable to the offering, which will cover documentation evidencing compliance with the suitability requirements and, in certain cases, as mentioned before, a prospectus and audited financial statements of the issuer and, where applicable, its consolidated group for at least the last two fiscal years. How do the rules differ for public and private offerings of debt securities? What types of exemptions from registration are available? A public offering for the sale or subscription of securities consists of any communication to persons in any form and by any means that provides sufficient information on the terms of the offering and the securities offered to allow an investor to decide whether to acquire or subscribe to said securities.

This notwithstanding, the following are not considered public offerings by the Securities Market Act and are therefore exempted from the obligation to register a prospectus with the CNMV:. In addition, the obligation to register a prospectus will not apply to the admission to trading on a secondary official market of, among others, the following:. As private offerings of securities not to be listed on a regulated market do not require the registration of a prospectus with the CNMV, they benefit from greater flexibility; a significant reduction of the time period required to implement the transaction; and lower costs.

Describe the public offering process for debt securities. How does the private offering process differ? The process for an offering of debt securities depends very much on whether the transaction is a public offering or a private placement and also on whether it is a stand-alone transaction or the issuer has a base prospectus in place and is drawing down on a debt programme.

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Public offerings of debt securities are relatively unusual and entail a longer process including the preparation, filing and approval of a prospectus by the CNMV, which can take from four to eight weeks before the transaction can be launched and marketed to investors. The prospectus typically contains the definitive pricing of the securities issue price, coupon and maturity , so demand is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Alternatively, if a base prospectus is available in respect of a debt programme, the issuer can take advantage of the programme by simply filing with the CNMV the final terms of the bonds at the time of launching the offering, which facilitates the process substantially.