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These 6 inch books are too small for my preference, but they are just right for a little one to enjoy.

Goto link in PIC disc. then look for a product you want. (they all end up at 99 cents).

The fist book had scrapbook pages about Preschool and Kindergarten activities. The pages are stitched in the middle. It doesn't look especially strong. The base book comes with 20 pages. The 20th page is on the left side, and then there are three blank white pages that follow.

You can pay to have those pages filled with your images if you want, otherwise you just have white pages at the end. And you can probably add even more pages to your book. Here is the other book. These have mostly holiday pictures from Sears.

Sorry, this 99 cents playing card promotion is expired.

Related deal. Referrer gets 10 points. Referrer get 10 points. Referrer gets 10 point.

I'm an existing customer, and it worked fine for my login. Just skip the registration step, login instead, and then proceed with the rest of the steps, and should work fine.

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Yeah, I understand referral codes. Just not why this one is not official, when they have a page dedicated to the products relevant to the codes. This page just shows all the products that can be used by codes generated by users. The thing you haven't explained is why is the code you say is user generated also present on the page that explains how to get a user generated code?

My conclusion is that although it is possible for users to create codes, not every bargain requires a user generated code, and this one in particular is not a user generated code. Pretty sure the code is a customised referral link since you can essentially choose whatever word you want on artscow provided it is not taken already. Bet the person is rolling in credit right about now.

Your browser is out of date.

The code in question was not created by Artscow themselves. To prove my point, I posted a code which should have done the exact same thing as the code in the OP but has since been redacted due to it being a a referral despite not having the jumble of letters and numbers which we usually expect. I have 2 now, I get one every time this deal takes place, neither have faded or scuffed or frayed at all.

If the coupon doesn't work, just google the website and you'll find forums of people sharing their codes. I found this picture 2 years ago and ordered mine. Took about weeks to arrive. It's big enough and good quality. Mine still hasn't broken on any corner or faded. NOTE - above is not a referral link..

You can just order using the code provided for the mousepad. For the other items, just click the coupon code button to make your own codes. You don't need to refer friends in order to generate the code.

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Having trouble figuring out how, ordered a mousepad already. But then they arrived. And they FIT. And they were long enough! I am just over the moon about these, people, and wanted to share the news. The skirts I bought are legitimately plus size. Literally, just search tumblr for coupons, or check one of those coupon sites. They offer basically anything you could think of. Makeup bags. I placed my order on November 5th and the skirts arrived 13 days later.

They fit on my body, which I am delighted about, but they would fit and look better if they were larger, but the company does not offer a larger size right now. I hate that shit. That meant I paid almost as much to get the skirts sized up as I did to just buy the skirts. Definitely not high quality and will probably have pilling at some point. But I chose complicated designs and was really picky about placement and tiling. I have a Tank Top and a Skirt from Artscow that either Im not pleased with the quality because I used a low res picture or because I no longer need the shirt for the purpose I intended.

I was wondering how can I repurpose the shirt and skirt.

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Do I attempt to bleach it out or??? Im not sure, please help! Please reblog this to spread this around ;u; Id really appreciate the help. Log in Sign up. Just ordered custom alice series themed mousepad, tank top and cosmetics bag for just 2. Ask howtobeaconartist a question artist alley suppliers artscow alibaba manufacturing aalimaria.

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Ask howtobeaconartist a question artist alley products suppliers artscow zipper bags. But anyone know where to get custom coin purse or fabric zipper bag printing? I have been searching for awhile. Ask howtobeaconartist a question suppliers nighte-goggles artscow zipper bags coin purses. ArtsCow Coupons! ArtsCow prices are in USD. Anyone need an Artscow coupon code? I just found out Artscow will print custom dakimakuras for you. Ayyyy who wants some 99c custom made goodies??? Have fun!!