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By Kip Staton. I first encountered the Ruger American rifles while working for a large firearms retailer in Immediately upon logging the guns into our system, I noticed something different about them. The Ruger American seemed closer to a nice Tikka than a competitor to other cheap bolt guns, if that makes sense. The entire American line was very intriguing, right from the start. Now that Ruger has expanded the series to include a true precision rifle, magnum models and even short rifles in 5. Full disclosure, this rifle was purchased with my own funds.

I was able to find it online for far less than the MSRP, delivered to my local dealer. This is the Predator model, which differs slightly from the standard hunting model in a few notable ways. So, how does the Ruger American Predator stack up in a world awash with budget bolt guns? Very well, in fact. If I described a rifle to you that had the following features, what would you guess the sticker price was? Rather than using a traditional barrel lug to secure the action, Ruger went a different route entirely.

Much like traditional pillar bedding, this locks everything in place and provides a very secure fit between stock and action. The top offers a full length rail, which gives plenty of options for mounting optics. Angular sides provide nice flat areas for both the ejection port and bolt release. The simplicity helps keep the cost low. One of the best features of the rifle is the low degree bolt lift. You can clearly see how much clearance there is between the bolt handle and optic in the above through-the-scope photo. This low lift is primarily due to the three lug design, but the bolt handle is also slightly curved for even more room.

The bolt is also full-bodied, which means it rides in and out of the action with very little play. That striker is built with dual cams, which greatly reduces the effort to cock the action.

1000 Yards for $500 - Rifle Selection (Savage Axis, Remington 783, Ruger American, Mossberg Patriot)

These dual cocking cams combined with the very low bolt lift and full-bodied design make the action very quick. Like I said, it subjectively feels like a Tikka.

Ruger American Pistol Review

Ruger chose to put an adjustable trigger into the American, with a now-common trigger blade safety. By simply removing the action from the stock and adjusting a single screw, the weight of the trigger can be safely taken all the way down to three pounds. Invariably, the American trigger is going to be compared to the Savage Accutrigger.

Conceivably, one could inadvertently release the striker on the rifle in the field via a brush with gear, clothing, etc.

Ruger: New Magpul-enhanced American Rifle Hunter in 6.5, .308

Thankfully, the Ruger American trigger does not exhibit this design flaw. While the stock is shaped well, it unsurprisingly feels cheap. Forcing the gun into awkward shooting positions can sometimes cause the barrel to kiss the sides of the stock. The action sits within the set of previously mentioned steel v-blocks, which serve as pillar bedding. This, combined with the free floating barrel, creates an fantastic environment for accuracy. Ruger chose to make the magazine well as simple as possible. There are no moving parts within the stock, the latch and associated spring are all self-contained within the magazine itself.

Both the forend and grip area feature molded-in textured ridges, which look good and do their job. The company has a great reputation for this type of barrel, and this one did not disappoint. Ruger chose to coat the barrel with the same black oxide finish as the receiver. The barrel is threaded into the receiver and secured via a smooth barrel nut. I elected to add a Surefire Pro Comp muzzle brake, in an attempt to make long shooting sessions more comfortable and aid in self-spotting at long distances.

Most of my shooting is within yards or so. The H is not a great choice for a.

Ruger American Pistol Review [UPDATED REVIEW] - GunAdvice

I normally work up an optimized handload for my centerfire guns, and will do so in the future, but for now I just used a good middle-of-the-road charge and called it good. That's too heavy for me, and too heavy for accurate shooting. The first stop on the road — for this author at any rate — would be at Timney Triggers.

Adjustable for weight of pull from 1. Fundamentally, the Ruger American is an accurate rifle, but without a trigger that allows you to keep the rifle on target you're fighting an uphill battle. Stock Upgrade The stock of the Ruger American — a molder polymer affair — certainly functions, but may not be exactly what you're after.

It's really not a big deal to change stocks, and thereby radically change the rifle. There are a couple of cool options, depending on what it is you're after. Using reinforced polymer construction, steel recoil lugs and an aluminum bedding block, the American Hunter stock will hold the Ruger American action firmly in place, and like a good trigger, aid in accuracy. It is available for the short-action rifles only, and is compatible with the Mag Pul P Mag 5 7.

Should you find you enjoy the feel of good old walnut, or even a laminate wood stock, Boyd's Hardwood Gunstocks have plenty of options to choose from. There are traditional walnut stocks, maple stocks and a wide choice of laminates — in colors from traditional to rather funky — that can be totally customized. There are two models available, the Boyd's Classic and the Boyd's Prairie Hunter, which can be customized not only by choosing the material and color, but length of pull, checkering pattern, tip and grip cap color, and more.

To be honest, Boyd's offers enough choices that you may, quite literally, end up with a truly unique rifle. Hop over to www. Bases and Scope Rings Though the Ruger American is supplied with cross slot bases, there are other options available to mount a riflescope on that receiver. I make no attempt to hide the fact that I truly love Talley rings and bases, and feel that they are among the best available.

They are machined to very tight tolerances, and offer designs strong enough to withstand some of the most hellacious recoil available, including the behemoths like the. I've found — after years of using them on many different rifles — that I have to adjust my riflescopes very little, even right out of the gate.

Available in blued or silver, in heights from extra-low to extra-high, in both one-inch diameter and 30mm, for both long and short action. I found some cool replacement bolt handles over at Tactical Precision Manufacturing that will allow a simple switch out from the factory bolt handle.

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