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Think about what day your deal will go live. Is that the right day of the week for your business? Also look at your price point.

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Watch other sales and see what seems to get good traffic, discussion and of course sales. Remember people buy these coupons knowing they can be used for a limited time. There is always a chance they may not get to use them. And if at all possible talk to some of the other businesses that have listed on the site and see what their experience was before you commit. The one day deals certainly seem to be the flavour of the month, in Australia they seem to be a bit more advanced than here in NZ.

If they are viewed as promotional opportunities I think there is some worth, but not as part of a sustainable marketing strategy. They will suit business where there is potential to upsell, ie, a restaurant would have more potential benefits than a tourism activity provider. You have to ask yourself if they will be around in 5 years? Hard to know but when consumers are strapped for cash they will certainly be looking for deals. Brand exposure and awareness is important to take into account, but can be hard to quantify.

If you have a mechanism to track the source of new customers then this may be a good way to measure the success, particularly if they then become a return customer. The other recommendation is to read the small print on exclusivity, as some sites more prevalent in Australia , have clauses preventing the client from offering a similar deal on any channel for a certain period during and after the sale.

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I believe Sarah at Rock the Boat really nailed what anyone considering one day deals needs consider before signing up. That leaves only one more reason for me to post a comment — tell us about the aggregate site that puts all of the deals in one place for us! I see other deal sites offering discounted international escapes. How much affect will this have on traditional travel sites? The accommodation just gets a confirmation email — no flood of phone calls or emails asking about availability. Feedback from the hotels participating is great so far and we see a lot of room to grow to do deals that make sense for operators.

As the shift to online marketing continues the retail environment is more competitive so the prices will continue to decrease. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Tagged as: discounting , one day deal sites , website advertising. Sarah May 11, at pm. A few extra things for a business to consider when thinking about listing on these sites: Can I upsell once the customer has purchased a coupon? Andrew Wells May 11, at pm. Hazel Rigler May 12, at am. Gina May 12, at pm. Thanks Michelle for posting about one day deals.

Cheers Gina Reply. Michelle Ackers May 12, at pm. Simon McManus May 24, at pm. Daniel Bridges July 6, at am. I did not receive any email or phone after their deadline of 20 days. I did not receive any replies until I threatened to go to the Commerce Commission. I finally received my phone over 1 month later. When asked for compensation, they acted dumb about the situation. Ive brought a lot of items off 1 day.

Brought a homecast dongle couple of weeks ago Nothing to complain about over this way. I bought a refurbished s7 and the USB port didn't work properly so I sent it back under warranty. They voided the warranty due to a bent pin. Offered to repair it for more than the cost of the phone. I had no way to check for this kind of damage when I received the phone so have no way to prove that it was damaged. As for paying for repair? Not likely they have had the last dollar they are ever getting from me.

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I have been using this store a number of years now and in all my dealings they have been excellent. Yes sometimes it takes longer to get your items but they state this. The bulk buys I absolutely love and these products also have been excellent. They are Definitely worth 5 stars from me. Do your research on the products and you won't be let down. I recommend this store to everyone. Thank you 1day sale Best regards Danny. Deals, Coupons and Vouchers - ChoiceCheapies

The quality of product on 1Day is always very poor. I have never received an item within the first week of purchase which is very strange as we live in the same small country. Before i buy something i wonder about the quality of the item and i always tell myself that surely this time i would be buying an item worth what i am paying for. I have bought many things from 1Day and only once have i been satisfied with it, it was a coat rack.. I would actually rather punch myself in the face than buy from or recommend 1Day. If I could give a zero I would, 1st time I brought a gazebo and when it was dropped off by the courier opened it up realised it had been damaged so I sent a message to let them know and to organise another one not there fault BUT it took 3 weeks just to email a courier ticket Then my Father in law wanted to buy a phone off them and so I brought it for him only to be sold a dud!!

Worked for 2 hours then went blank wouldn't charge or start up so requested a courier ticket waited 2 weeks for it to be emailed yet again and now its been a month keep emailing for an update to be told ill get back to you and yet again nothing finally another 2 weeks went and this time I had enough wrote a heated email saying I want a refund now and then got a swift reply that a new replacement will be in the mail within 5 working days, So save yourself the hassle and frustration and dont even bother buying off them not worth the countless emails and headaches!

Twice I have had to contact 1day customer service due to an item being damaged in transit and another due to an item not working as it should and both times they have replied straight away with an adequate solution. From my experience their customer service has been great. I purchased a refurbished phone from this company and had problems straight out of the box.

The phone had very poor GPS performance, the battery life was poor, 4G reception at home was worse than my old phone of the same top brand and it dropped a call in the first few days at home which I do not remember ever happening before. The appearance of the phone was as new but the rear cover cracked for no obvious reason and warranty repairs were denied because of this.

They did offer to replace the cover for a fee but the phone was sent back to me the same day as the email was sent. I replied back to them 4 business days ago saying I would accept the repair price for the cover if they agreed to repair the other faults too. So far I have not had a reply.

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The rear cover is supposed to be glued in place and require a heat gun to remove it, I was able to remove it with my finger nail and no heat. The battery installed had a decal on it from a different phone and IMEI number.

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If I get a response to my email I will update this post. Bought an Acer Chromebook, it stank, was dirty, they sold it as refurbished like new, the battery didn't work They don't take returns so I threw it in the bin. Nice way to loose money. I recently brought a ue boom 2 for pretty much a third of the price and thought surely it was a scam because of the reveiws I read after Completely legit, brand new product and I am so happy with it.

Slow replies to queries, no delivery guaranties. Very slow deliveries. I would not recommend this company.

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I purchased a chicken coup 6 weeks ago and despite several emails there has been little or no substance to any of there replies, even tried telling me I had not contacted them in the first place. I offered screen shots of them! I was a regular customer but family and I are no longer and I will personal set about making sure any of my friends are no longer customers. Bought Samsung VR glasses. They were "shipped" two days later. Never arrived so I enquired with support. Apparently, they were never shipped due to being out of stock. Now they are refunding me. Guess they would have just kept my money had I not emailed them.

I emailed them, didn't receive a reply so had to go through Live Chat. The guy on end said the parcel had been lost WTH!? Surely that's part of your job?? Just kept saying they would issue a refund. Haven't bought from them for years, now I remember why! Never again. I'm done. I brought an refurbed iPhone 7 gb all was great I needed the upgrade as was rocking the 5s for sooooo many years. Anywho waited the three weeks for it to arrive not good at all When I opened the box no headphones and a charging cable n plug that over heated, the phone itself the volume button didn't work did my head in and that wasn't even the worst bit!!!

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Upon updating to try get to iOS But by this time I'd already brought a brand new iPhone 7 from Naol lemmings coz least I knew it came with the proper warranties and customer care is primal there. DO NOT buy from this website. There is no phone number. Only live chat or email. Write a Review Ask a Question Share.