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You can also lookup stores offering military discounts by category. Show me. Worst experience was when I returned from my trip only to find that my car was the victim of a hit and run. Tks but NO tks!!! I am fortunate enough to live in a decent distance from my home airport so i always take a taxi when travelling.

Best experience has been with The Parking Spot actually. They always have the car waiting right at the exit and, with my Club card, I can easily check out on the go! I always have a excellent experience with them. They are always fast efficient and friendly. No damage or theft either to my car. In Memphis, the Parking Spot has the friendliest shuttle driver who will pull right up to your car when you arrive in the lot, help with your luggage, stop at the door of the terminal, help with your luggage again, and do it all with a smile and pleasant conversation.

He does it in reverse on the way home. I appreciate his attitude. Never a problem. Complimentary bottle of water for the drive home. Worst experience was somebody probably the attendant broke into the car and stole several things from inside. The shuttle drivers are always so friendly. The drivers have a smile and always glad to help with your baggage.

In , returned to my car to find a brick, a broken window, water puddle rained the night before and a missing car stereo. Best experience has been with parking spot, actually! Perfect post flight snack.

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  • Airport Parking.

I have the bad habit of leaving a light on in car something about early Monday mornings…. Thank goodness for the nice folks at off-site parking lots like ParkingSpot who have given me a jump on more than one occasion. I have used supershuttle in the past and loved it, but never tried parking spot. Yesterday I discovered one parking lot and would love to try if I win free parking here. When I got back, a big trail of ants was in my car!! They came up through the tire cavity and had a line going through my car like they owned the place. Easily the one of the nastiest experiences in my life!!!

Every time I travel and need to park my car I come to the Parking Spot… They make it really easy, quick and affordable. My best experience with them was when I left my laptop on the bus after coming back late at night from a long trip and did not realize it until I got a call from the driver. Started using them after waiting for shuttle for another parking area. They are not cheap but very little wait time. Best was at the Parking Spot Sepulveda, through my own idiocy I was running late for a flight and they sent me on my own shuttle directly to my terminal.

Made it with seconds to spare. Best thing about the Parking Spot at LAX is the frequent shuttle service…never have to wait very long for a ride. Worst is when the shuttle to the rental car center takes forever to arrive! Worst, Louisville in winter years ago heading to Vegas. So I had to park about a zip code away. With the forgotten time change my fault , I made it to the gate as they were closing it.

Thanks for the opportunity to win. Years ago parked at an off-airport lot which ironically is now a Parking Spot , got on the shuttle, and on the highway on the way to the airport a Jeep driving next to us hydroplaned and swerved in front of our shuttle. We T-boned it and both vehicles ran off the road into a ditch. The Jeep was on its side, people inside the shuttle flew forward but thankfully no one was seriously injured. The driver of the Jeep happened to be a regional pilot on his way to work. Sometimes I pay to go into the parking lots by my airport just to get the best plane spotting perspective!

I do all of my parking at the Buffalo Airport Parking Spot. There are always spaces and a shuttle ready to go to the terminal. They had my keys and but no car. So I waited for 2 hours while the searched.

Affordable Parking at Dallas Love Field Airport

Apparently after a car wash they returned it to the wrong lot and brought the keys up to the right office. I almost called the police. Needless to say my fees were waived. BEST coming back from a mileage run with a bump on the run and finding my old Cadillac still started on a sub zero night in Denver. I dropped off my car at the parking spot for covered valet.

When I got back there a week later, I noticed my car was covered in dried rain spots and had ice on the side mirrors. Yeah right! Last week I parked at Parking Spot. After getting into the United Club, I realized I left something in the car. Went back to the shuttle, and the driver took me straight to my car without waiting for other passengers, waited while I retrieved my items, and took me back to the terminal. The whole trip took 10 minutes. Great service. They towed it away and he just paid a fine when he returned and got his car back.

Atlanta airport parking spot coupons

I use the Parking Spot location in Denver all the time. Most times I get in and out pretty quickly. My worst experience was with a rival parking company in Denver. We returned on an evening flight after a recent snow storm, and they only had one attendant at the checkout booth, so it took probably 30 minutes just to pay and leave the parking lot. Best service has always been the close up parking at DFW airport.

I love it especially on the return trip…more shuttles, faster to your car! Never again! My best experience was a few years ago in Memphis where I got a spot directly across from the Delta area.

Airport Parking in Dallas, TX

My worst experience was several years ago in San Diego where I got charged an extra day because I was 1 minute over the deadline even thought I had spent 5 minutes in line as they changed shifts. Worst experience is when I found out the non-covered parking is full, then I had to go park in the covered parking for an astronomical price. Best parking experience was with The Parking Spot in Pittsburgh. I arrived, they valet parked my car, and dropped me off at the Hyatt PIT airport.

The return was super-smooth and relaxing as well. They did everything, every step of the way, no hassle, no stress, just quick and easy and friendly and relaxing. Always have a van to take us to the terminal within 2 minutes of arriving, and often even less! Panicked, I called the parking spot, who sent a bus to pick me up, and return me directly to my car. Thanks to them, I made my flight. The parking spot has always made things easy, which is so wonderful when returning home late or after a redeye! Best was at The Parking Spot, when we were running late and had fingers crossed to make our flight… they had so many shuttles, it was perfect and we made it!

I hope this counts. It happened to my mother-in-law. At the age of 82 she drove to the airport to pick up her sister on a snowy night. The two boarded the bus to the parking lot and after the bus made its rounds the two elderly women were still of the bus. My mother-in-law could not remember where she parked.

When prodded about anything that could help her remember she said she parked near the booth where she got the parking lot ticket and the man in the booth only had one arm. From that point it was easy to find her car. I once parked at an off-site parking lot only to return from my trip to find that I had no way to get back to the lot or to get my car out. The parking lot was basically padlocked by ATF for some kind of criminal activity. A day later the police let me into get my car.

Carefree riding the Parking Spot shuttle from my car to the terminal before my long-anticipated trip only to realize when I got to the terminal my drivers license was safely at home! Parking is a fortune without it. Some months ago we reserved parking at lga. Despite reservation there was no space. By the time we argued and then found another place we missed out plane. And, I try to have a back up just in case the first choice parking is full.

Dallas Love Field - The Parking Spot 2 | Dallas, TX | Listen

Best experience was showing up to The Parking Spot Philadelphia and the lot being full, but the guys still being nice of enough to take me — making me use the valet service, but still charging me for the non-valet parking. The worst parking experience has to have occurred a few times.

Those times when the off-site parking lot that should only take 5 minutes to get to ends up taking 25 minutes due to traffic, not to mention then having to drive through that parking yourself. We parked in a marked stall and when we returned from our trip, found they had parked more cars behind us! Never again unnamed parking garage. Never again.

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My worst experience was waiting for the parking shuttle for an hour in the chilly Jan wind. Never parked there again. Best experience is jumping off a red-eye long haul. Only person on the shuttle and dropped off right by my car. Best experience was when i was late for a flight, found a covered spot on a lower level, booked it to the shuttle and it left right away, cleared security and just made it to the flight. Yay for promptness! Two years ago over Thanksgiving there was no parking available anywhere near SAN airport due to construction.

We were so desperate that we waited in line to do this also, but then started to wonder how this logistically would work to get our keys back on return. Fortunately one structure we initially overlooked had valet space still available that saved our trip. A nice new find! I parked at a JFK valet parking company, and when I returned from a 7 hour flight they could not find my car. I was one of several in the same fix. I had been hitting the button and my car lit up. It was in the Auction lot with an auction number on it. The company never refunded my money or compensated me in any way.

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